The Mire’s 20 Black Metal Albums of 2022: Part 2

Here then are the ten black metal albums I’ve enjoyed the most this year. No doubt 2023 will give us more great albums I’ll want to shout about, so have no fear, The Mire will return!

1 Grim Christmas – Jingle Bells
2 Saor – The Ancient Ones (Origins)
3 Panzerfaust – The Far Bank at the River Styx (Suns of Perdition III: The Astral Drain)
4 Nocturnal Triumph – The Hammer of Immateriality (Nocturnal Triumph)
5 White Ward – Leviathan (False Light)
6 Aara – Das Dunkel Der Welt (Triade II: Hemera)
7 Stjärnfält – Bruksleden (Lapporten)
8 Ante-Inferno – Transcendence (Antediluvian Dreamscapes)
9 Hermóðr – Where The Shadows Live (To The Nightside)
10 ColdWorld – Wounds (Isolation)
11 Arcas – Toivoton (Arcas)

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