The Mire’s 20 Black Metal Albums of 2022: Part 1

Winter hails to you all! Here are twenty black metal albums of 2022 that have been regularly revisited here at Mire Towers. This is part 1, numbers 20 through 11. Part 2 next week.

Cryptospital – Soulreaper
My Useless Life – A Desolate Heart
Blackbraid – Sacandaga
Ultha – Dispel
Frostnatt – Dette Stedet Kjenner Bare Kulden
Vorga – Starless Sky
Olim – Winding Paths In Parallel
Véhémence – Au Blason Brûlé
Nostalghia – Rêverie
Grima – Gloomy Heart Of The Coldest Land

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