Ghost Signals #4: In Void We Trust

Songs from Somewhere Else. Compiled by Ghost Signals’ current caretaker J, aka Veins Full of Static. Featuring Lowering, JK Flesh, Forest Swords, Leandro Fresco, ZENYA, Bahia Mansa, Sulk Rooms and more

Lowering – Find Me in the Earth
Bahia Mansa – 金繕い
天気予報 – 現在の地域条件 (Broadcast From Today) – 熊本明日の雨
JK Flesh – Puppeteer
Saint Abdullah – Potion for Sorrow
Sturm – Untitled 2
Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe – yawa sdlrow
Forest Swords – Irby Tremor
天気予報 – 現在の地域条件 (Broadcast From Today) – 気候帯
Leandro Fresco – El Valle
Green-House – Parlor Palm
天気予報 – 現在の地域条件 (Broadcast From Today) – 今日の天気
Ian William Craig – The Smokefallen
Zenya – Odean Carpet Pattern
Sulk Rooms – Illusion

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