Ghost Signals #3: 13 Songs in Search of an Exit

Songs from Somewhere Else. Compiled by Ghost Signals’ current caretaker J, aka Veins Full of Static. Featuring Drum & Lace, Rupert Lally, Henry Courgette, William Tyler, Ismael Cormack and more. Cover image by Janko Ferlič on Unsplash.

TV2 – industrial Worker
Brown Fang – Tracing Paper
Henry Courgette – Bommyknocker
Ishmael Cormack – A Meadow, A Wood
Heavy Cloud – Swaying Branches
Aging & Land Trance – Findings I
… – When It Came To me
Mount Shrine – Forbidden Air Pt.2
Lilacs & Champaign – Sensations
Perila – Long Dizzying Air Through a Balcony Door
Sonaura – Forever is Over
Drum & Lace – Felt
William Tyler – With Truth About Heaven
Rupert Lally – A Sliver of Light Hits the Burning Sands

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