Ghost Signals #2: You Will Not Know In What Hour

Songs from Somewhere Else. Compiled by Ghost Signals’ current chosen caretaker J, aka Veins Full of Static. Featuring KMRU/Aho Saan, 36, Kieran Mahon, Christina Vantzou, Mute Branches and more.

Zahn/Hatami/McClure – Theyll
36 – Room 2
Kieran Mahon – This Is This
Ryan Roth – Va
Annabel (Lee) – The Latest News
Novisad – Sommersonnenschein
The Greatest Hoax – As the Light Dims
Slow Meadow – On a Bed of Green Blades
Christina Vantzou – Going Backwards to Recover That Which Was Left Behind
Yair Elazar Glotman/Matts Erlandsson – Orchid Sedation
Mute Branches – Same as It Never Was
KRMU/Aho Saan – Rebirth
Siavash Amini/Matt Finney

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