Ghost Signals #1: You’re One of Us Now

Songs from Somewhere Else. Compiled by Ghost Signals’ current chosen caretaker J, aka Veins Full of Static. Cover image by Romain Chollet.

Mars Kumari – Starless
BT Gate X-318 – Distant Pulse Wavelength Emulator
Jay Glass Dubs – Daria Dub
Hatti Vatti – Struggle (Original Mix)
Ela Orleans – Something Higher
Imaginary Softwoods – Positive Ruin Court Garden
b l u e s c r e e n – Spade Burns Better
anthéne – Mourning Bird
Ben Babbitt – Julian
A Lily – Colour the Senses
Ghost Halo – The Future Was Closer Than Anybody Realised
Wodwo – )when what decides
Whettman Chelmets – But None of These Things Were Ever Permanent
Elizabeth Crompton – Same Thing Still

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