Monday Graveyard Show 216 (06/06/2022)

Nothing is ever really gone. This is the 216th episode of the Monday Graveyard with Mark Shields on Dissonance Radio. A show that is all about music that will change your life, this months episode sets out a new stall and a new shift of playing music from more areas and merging them into a constant stream of interesting tunes, broken up by the witterings of a Glaswegian. What more could you ask for. It features french vocals, dub groove ambient, spinning hyperbolic rave, Cafe Del Mar-esque Ibiza chill out, and a song by a British band of belters.

Corre – Rituals
Octo Octa – Who I Will Become
Nocturnal Sunshine – Radiate
Noe Preszow – A Nous
Loscil – Dote
Green-House – Nocturnal Bloom
Mute Branches – Somebody is Walking
Everything Everything – HEX
Fragile X – A Question I Have Become for Myself
Iorie (feat. Cesar B) – Kiss
Lomond Campell – Reel 1 Phase 6

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